Stepping Up to the Plate

To do art, to travel, to write and report on both, is my objective in life.  Today I take another step “up to the plate” to present my writing more professionally.  I found out yesterday that another of my articles is going to be published.  More on that later.  I have been very flattered to have a number of stories published in The Carroll News, The Galax Gazette, The Mt. Airy News and several other regional periodicals over the years. Now, the list and the territory are growing.

I’m moving my “blog posts”, otherwise known as ramblings and experiences, off Facebook and onto my website.  I’ll share on Facebook and other social media, but I’ll have those ramblings on my website for all those readers who do not subscribe to such an open forum.  I’ll be thinking out loud on issues of art and travel, sometimes in the same post.  Hope you’ll check in and follow my progress as I set sail to new places in the world and visit art and artists that you may find interesting.  I envision a side bar about food. As a special person once said about an event I was promoting, “Serve food and they’ll always come.” I reason to think that the same will be true of the written word.

Here is my article from The Gazette that is posted online, if you missed it.   I have with the help of 7 great women, including daughter, Mitone, self-published 8 editions of a regional magazine, The Big Blue, and recently made the decision to evolve that adventure into an e-magazine.  It is a work in progress, but can be seen at

I look forward to hearing from you on my website.



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