What a difference a year makes!

December 1, 2015. One year ago today I got the horrible news that my only daughter died unexpectedly while on a job at The Chocolate Moose, in Stuart Virginia. I hadn’t been too enthused to do a lot of writing since then.  However, today I sit on a train bound for NY, NY with my only grandchild, Lacy.   To fly or drive? That was the question. We both love trains. We had plenty of time and it was less expensive to take a train.  No way I would drive.  Just a few of the determining factors.  I want to post a few blogs here about traveling with a ten-year-old. Excuse the messy writing and grammatical errors. I’m using a mini iPad. The train rock and rolls and the ten-year-old breaks my concentration. But that is the fun of traveling with her.  The biggest determination in choosing the train is just because of Lacy. She loves getting up, moving around, unbound by tight seats and restrictions experienced on airlines. She has plenty of time to complete her homework and to see interesting sights. I like it for her because I get to play geography teacher. There’s nothing like first hand experience to learn about a region or two. The drive from Hillsville to High Point to catch the 8:17am Carolinian was a breeze because I had the radio on and averted a traffic issue on the I40 Business. I left at 6am.  Lacy took a nap and was ready to see the world by the time we arrived. My timing of one and a half hours was perfect. The small station at High Point if easy to navigate, easy to park and has a very friendly, helpful staff. Watch for more posts to come when we see The Rockettes tomorrow.Lacy in the dining car of the Carolinian

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