Nutty Weather in Hillsville: 4-15-14

My 10-mile walk today mirrored the weather in craziness.  I walked 4 miles on the track at CCWC while the April Showers fell steadily outside.  I worked out on the Nautilus equipment as the rain changed to looming dark clouds.  I walked four more miles on the treadmill, breaking up the monotony by reading a book on my iPad as I clomped away.  By this time, the rains were torrential.  At last, the rains stopped briefly, while I took a break for lunch and a siesta (I’m already thinking like a Spaniard).  When I began my finally, the last 2 miles on the track, the sky erupted with sleet, freezing rain and snow.  For all the hard work, I rewarded myself with 30 minutes in the therapy pool and 15 minutes in the sauna while the weather rewarded us all with a burst of sunshine. I haven’t read anywhere that there are saunas or pools on the Camino, but why not take advantage of them while I’m in training? They sure helped heal the blisters I made on Sunday on the 11 ½ mile trek!

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