Weird Night

by Debbie W. Parvin

"Halloween is Hell!"

“Halloween is Hell!”

I think that Halloween is hell:
Masked midget humans ring our bell
and in a sing-song “Trick or trick!”
the monsters grab wrapped things to eat.
A vegetable sits on the porch;
The humans gut it, put a torch
inside. And there it sits all night,
belching soot and grinning light.
But what is worse (each feline knows)
is when the humans put their clothes
on us!–a mask, a witch’s hat,
a cape embroidered “Super Cat.”
Cats know too well how all this goes:
They place us in some silly pose
and then they dash away to find
a wicked flash to make us blind.
Our pictures end up in some book;
our eyes glow red, we have that look
of something devilishly mean.
I hate this weirdo Halloween.
P.S. Why don’t humans invent a “Be Kind to All Cats” day?

This Halloween letter was written by Puss, the literate feline, who resides in the mind of debbie w parvin (who translates Puss’s letters into English from Cat-onese) This letter is one of a growing collection that debbie calls “P.S. from Puss.” Debbie W. Parvin is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Fancy Gap, Virginia. Her poetry book, When Stones Speak, was named the book of the year by the Alabama State Poetry Society, and in 2004 she was named Poet of the Year by the same organization. She has published over a hundred poems in various magazines and anthologies and has won
multiple national awards through the National Association of State Poetry Societies.

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